I ordered a gift basket and an item that I received was different than the description. Why?

Most of the items we have selected to be in our gift baskets come from small, local companies. Occasionally we may run out of a particular flavor or brand. Rather than delay your shipment (especially during the holidays), we will select a comparable product to send. If you are not satisfied, just call us at 800.992.1849, and we’ll gladly replace the item.

Do you sell gift certificates?

We currently do not sell gift certificates.

Can I customize my own gift?

No, but you can order accompaniments to be added to most gifts.

Do you sell wine with your gifts?

Yes, we do, but different state licensing laws only allows us to ship wine orders to the following states at this time: CA, ND, & WV. Wine may only be purchased by individuals 21 years or older and requires a signature upon delivery from an individual 21 years or older.

How should I store the salame I purchase from Boudin, and why does it appear white on the outside?

We sell only the traditional Italian Dry salame, which exhibits a beneficial mold growth on the outside. This growth is essential to its flavor and longevity. Salame should be refrigerated once you receive it. The salame is cured, so the longer the salame is stored, the more moisture it will lose and harder the salame will become.