Please place crab in refrigerator until ready to serve. We recommend eating your crab within 1-2 days of arrival for optimal quality.


  • Your crab is cooked, cleaned and ready for you to crack & eat!
  • Crab is traditionally served chilled. You can enjoy it heated by steaming for 3-5

How to crack a crab leg

  • Separate each leg from the cluster with a gentle twist and tug.
  • Twist crab leg at joint and pull out cartilage.
  • Crack leg about half-way down with your hands and pull the shell off to slide the meat out. (You can also cut the leg open lengthwise with kitchen shears)
  • Pull apart the shell and remove the meat.
  • For the claw, use a nut cracker to loosen the shell and pull the meat out with a fork.

Serving suggestions

  • Serve with melted butter and fresh lemons. You can use the included Roasted Garlic Herb butter for both your crab & sourdough!

Sourdough Bread Instructions – Do not microwave
Follow the easy instructions below to experience the great flavor of Boudin San Francisco Sourdough Bread. Remove bread from poly bag and place directly in a 425 F pre-heated oven for approximately 8-10 minutes or until crust is golden brown and warm.

Most of the items we have selected to be in our gift baskets come from small, local companies. Occasionally we may run out of a particular flavor or brand. Rather than delay your shipment (especially during the holidays), we will select a comparable product to send. If you are not satisfied, just call us at 800.992.1849, and we’ll gladly replace the item.

We currently do not sell gift certificates.

No, but you can order accompaniments to be added to most gifts.

No, we do not sell wine with any of our gifts.

We sell only the traditional Italian Dry salame, which exhibits a beneficial mold growth on the outside. This growth is essential to its flavor and longevity. Salame should be refrigerated once you receive it. The salame is cured, so the longer the salame is stored, the more moisture it will lose and harder the salame will become.