By 1960, almost all commercial bakeries had converted their recipes to include chemical dough conditioners to shorten fermentation time while Boudin stayed true to its mother dough and long, slow fermentation process.

1967 Summer of Love

The hippie counterculture movement culminated with the Summer of Love. By the fall, sayings like “Feelin’ Groovy” gave way to “Make Love, Not War”. People from all generations and all cultures protested the escalating conflict in Vietnam and staged marches and sit-ins throughout the Bay Area.


Boudin commissions Primo Angeli to design its brand logo, which blends American style and European heritage. The logo becomes an instant classic—winning awards and widespread acclaim—and is currently archived in the Smithsonian Institution.


Boudin opens its first retail demonstration Bakery on Fisherman’s Wharf. Visitors can watch the baking process from beginning to end.


In response to visitors overwhelming requests for home delivery of The Original San Francisco Sourdough™, Boudin launches its mail-order business, which is still going strong today.


Boudin develops the Bakery Cafe business and expands outside of San Francisco.

1985 We Are the Champions

The San Francisco 49ers pulled off the first of five Super Bowl championships in 1982, beating the Cincinnati Bengals 26–21. In 1985, Joe Montana, Dwight Clark and Roger Craig helped trounce the Miami Dolphins 38–16. Jerry Rice shone in the 1989 Championship (20–16) against the Bengals, catching 11 passes for 215 yards. Annually, Master Baker Fernando Padilla creates sculpted sourdough football breads.