The Great Earthquake and Fire. The bakery moves to its current 10th Ave. location.

Louise Boudin


As the earth shook, Louise Boudin scooped the mother dough into a bucket, and saves the bakery business.


Louise retires. Her sons Charles and Jules take over the expanded baking company.

Steve Giraudo, Sr.


Destined to carry on the Boudin legacy, Stefano Giraudo was born in San Francisco.


The Giraudo family leaves San Francisco to return to the family farm in Busca Italy.


At the age of thirteen, Steve Giraudo leaves the family farm in Busca to apprentice as a baker at the Boulangerie Hugo in Toulon, France.

1927 San Francisco Airfield Dedicated

San Francisco leased a 150–acre cow pasture site from the estate of D.O. Mills, founding president of the Bank of California, to build a municipal airfield. Today San Francisco International (SFO) is one of the most heavily traveled airports in the world.