Ansel Adams was a struggling artist earning his living as a commercial photographer. By a stroke of luck, Boudin commissioned its first commercial portrait by this now famous artist.


After working as a baker at the Boulangerie Hugo in Toulon, France, Steve Giraudo returned to his place of birth, San Francisco, and was hired by the Boudin family. His exceptional skill quickly became apparent and he was promoted to the rank of Master Baker.

1937 Golden Gate Bridge Opens

Critics charged that a bridge across the Golden Gate would be impossible to build, due to the Bay’s persistent fog, high wind, and strong ocean currents. A 1.2–mile span was built to sway 27 feet to withstand winds of up to 100 mph. Originally designated to be fog gray, it was changed to the current color—known as international orange—to complement the natural surroundings and enhance visibility in fog.


Master Baker Steve Giraudo purchases the bakery from the granddaughter of Isidore and Louise Boudin.

1958 Giants to San Francisco

The Giants move from NY and become the SF Giants. The team plays at Seals Stadium (‘58-‘59), Candlestick Park (‘60-‘99), and finally AT&T Park, where fans celebrate Boudin sourdough bread bowls and 3 World Series Championships (’10, ’12 & ’14).