How do I sign up/register for the Boudin Loyalty Rewards Program?

There are several ways to sign up/register for our Loyalty Program:

  1. Boudin Mobile App: This is the most convenient way to participate in our program as you can easily earn and track your rewards, as well as order online through the use of your smartphone. All you need to do is download our Mobile App and select “Not yet a member” to begin filling out the registration fields.
  2. Sign up for a Digital Card: Prefer to go cardless? We have you covered! Visit sign up for a digital card. Once you have registered for your account, you can begin to earn credit by giving the cashier your account number, or they can look it up by your phone number.
  3. The Loyalty Card: Stop into any one of our Boudin SF or Bakery Café locations and pick up a Loyalty Card, then register it at Have your card swiped at the restaurant to ensure that the card is activated. Although your card can still be used to earn credits, it must be registered before you can redeem rewards.