Boudin Bakery - S. L. Giraudo

Papa Steve

Stefano Giraudo, Sr., born in 1913 in San Francisco, embarked on a journey destined to perpetuate the Boudin legacy. After relocating to Italy with his parents, he refined his baking skills in France before returning to his hometown in 1935. Recognizing his extraordinary talent, the Boudin family embraced him into their bakery, where he rose to the esteemed rank of Master Baker. In 1941, amid financial strife, he fearlessly acquired Boudin Bakery, safeguarding its cherished heritage.

Affectionately known as “Papa Steve”, his dedication to quality and community shaped Boudin’s essence. Boudin Sourdough, with its dark-golden crust and distinctive flavor, became a local favorite. Giraudo’s commitment to the Boudin mother dough propelled the bakery to international acclaim, preserving a time-honored tradition. Today, Papa Steve’s legacy lives on as the cornerstone of Boudin Bakery’s identity, which is now owned and operated by his grandson, Dan Giraudo.

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