Fundraising Has Never Tasted So Good

Breaking bread at Boudin builds better communities! Invite guests of your non-profit organization to eat at Boudin, and we’ll donate 30% of food sales to your cause. The more, the merrier – and the greater the good!

How To Host An Event

We’ll provide you with a custom flyer to distribute, in-person or by email, inviting friends, family, and guests to your organization’s event.

During your fundraising event, each guest presents your flyer when they order their lunch or dinner. Both dine-in and take-out meal purchases are eligible for sales credit but must be accompanied with your promotional flyer.

A few weeks later, you’ll receive a check for the dollars raised at your Boudin fundraising event.

30% of sales generated will go to your organization! Schedule your next fundraiser by filling out the information below.

Fundraiser Application

  • My Information

  • My Event Information

    Select your desired restaurant location and date from the menus below:
  • Please upload any supporting documentation on your official company letterhead, such as non-profit status or event details
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